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"Our Chapter's 35th Anniversary Celebration Banquet"

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John Dunn, MH Chapter 9 President
Receives Certificate of Commendation
from MH National President, Gus Littlefield.
35th Anniversary Banquet Slideshow

June, 2012 is our Chapter's Anniversary month. The Mended Hearts Chapter 9 - 35th Anniversary Banquet, was held at the Nutmeg Restaurant's "Crystal Room", in East Windsor, CT on June 13th, 2012.

Notable speakers were: Gus Littlefield, Mended Hearts current National President from Florida; Raul Fernandes, current Northeast Region, Assistant Regional Director and Past MH National President (2009-2011) from Rhode Island; and Margaret Elbert, two times Past MH National President (2005-2009), and 2012 National Convention Co-Chair, from Long Island, NY. Each of the speakers gave a brief presentation of their own personal journeys, and their involvement with Mended Hearts.

Gus related that he was an Annapolis Graduate, a U.S. Navy fighter pilot, a commmercial airline pilot for Pan-Am and Delta Airlines, before becoming involved with our Mended Hearts organization, in various capacities, prior to being elected MH National President in 2011.

Margaret told how she started off as a caregiver, then, of her start with a hospital in Brooklyn, NY, and the struggles her chapter had until provided with a $5,000 monetary donation from one of the Doctors at the hospital, because he realized what the organization was doing for the patients and how it was mutually assisting in publicizing the hospital and it's services.

Raul simply commented on the successes that Chapter 9 had achieved over the years, and how it was always a pleasure to be able to stop in and to attend meetings held in this area.

Our own attendees included Current President John Dunn & Past Presidents: Caroyln Kolwicz, Walter Kovaciny, Ben Goldfarb, and Priscilla Soucy (also a past Northeast Regional Director and current Visiting Trainer). Others present included: Secretary Bob Lincoln and his wife, Joan Gervais; St. Francis Visiting Chairman, Bob Hoffman and his wife Cynthia; Frank Soucy; Mike Nicastre; Dorothy Malerba; Norm and Zelda Polman; Dolly Goldfarb; Ted & Miriam Hoffberg; Bonnie & Joe Morassini; Jim and Maureen Curtis; Joan Dunn; Rick Lemay and Joan Sheval; John and Michele Klimczak; Dorothy and Norman Cohen; Susan and Steve Livingston; and Wayne and Phyllis Johnson.

Chapter President, John Dunn, was presented an "Certificate of Commendation" by National President, Gus Littlefield, for continuing to maintain the National Mended Hearts standards throughout our chapter and for continuing to grow, encourage, and educate cardiac patients through our expanding visiting program over the last 35 years, to this memorable milestone year.

In turn, each of the speakers were individually presented with the Chapter's "Award of Merit" for services provided to the chapter.

Visitors Joan Gervais and Bob Lincoln were presented the "Chapter Visitors of the Year" Award (see the Seperate Article and photo.)

NOTE: Photos taken at the Banquet will be posted on the PICTURES section of this website.

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