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It's Great to be Alive - and to help Others


From Hartford Heartline, A publication by Chapter 9 Mended Hearts, Greater Hartford, CT., Volume IV, Issue 2, February 2000

This excerpt was taken from an article written by Eli Hoffman, whose father Bob Hoffman, is an accredited visitor at St. Francis Hospital. Eli is fifteen years old and a sophmore at Hall High School. He wrote this paper on citizenship for his government class. He talks about the virtues of citizenship like patience and persistence and having the ability to compromise and show compassion for others. Also, he gives examples of these qualities in different people whom he had read about in articles, but he also knows of people who are good citizens right in this community. Eli writes...

"In December 1997 my father had open heart surgery. Two days after his surgery a man named Marvin Keyser came in to visit my father. He was a complete stranger who introduced himself as a member of the group Mended Hearts. This group, which my father is now a member of, spends time going into local hospitals and visiting people who have had open-heart surgery or are about to have open-heart surgery. They give them hope that they will make a full recovery and they also comfort family members who may be even more worried than the patient. These people do not know the people they are visiting but they do it out of compassion. They do not care about the color of the patients skin, the religion they practice, or even the language they speak. They are their just to give the people the reassuring feeling that someone cares. This group really shows what the responsibility of a good citizen is.

Overall, you can see that good citizens possess many different qualities, and good citizen can be anyone from a teenager in the Bronx to a member of a volunteer group that visits heart patients. The most important thing for us to do is to make a conscious effort to contribute to society and to be a good citizen in our own right."

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